My expertise is built on my academic background in predictive modeling, machine learning, cognitive science, and behavioral economics. 15 years of consulting have enabled me to apply this knowledge successfully in the real world. My clients rang in size from startups (including early-stage to MySpace and the World Economic Forum, and in focus from Lufthansa and Goldman Sachs to

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personalization and discovery   Delight the user. Recommend new products and services based on rich user data, including intention, attention, situation, location, and relationships.

metrics and measurement   Base decisions on data, not gut beliefs. Define the equations of the business. Design customer-centric metrics. Perform informative experiments and take appropriate action.

incentive design   Leverage the principles of behavioral economics and apply cutting-edge research in consumer psychology to drive viral marketing. Encourage users to interact with each other, creating content and community.

I help multinationals as well as startups leverage the principles of the consumer data revolution. My work experience includes coaching Alibaba towards becoming a data-focused organization, working with MySpace to monetize the social graph, and helping Nokia's top management understand the value of customer generated data.

My goal is to guide my client companies through this landscape of unprecedented data to new business opportunities. The results of my work inform the design of innovative products and visionary business models.

I have also been teaching at China's top universities since 1994, and am currently spending one to two months a year in Shanghai and Beijing. My familiarity with the Chinese people has allowed me to identify and work with several promising local startups and contribute to their success.

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