Hello, I’m Andreas Weigend. I study people and the data they create. I was the Chief Scientist at Amazon.com, where I specialized in understanding how people behave online, helping Amazon build its customer-centric, measurement-focused culture.

I now advise exciting startups and consult for established firms including Alibaba, Best Buy, Lufthansa, MySpace, ThomsonReuters, and Nokia, helping some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and executives around the world leverage user data to create innovative products and business models. I also teach at Stanford and UC Berkeley, and often speak at international events.


consulting   In the past few years, there has been a staggering increase across the board in the quantity and quality of data people contribute on the web and on mobile devices.

I help my clients understand the principles underlying the social data revolution, and teach them how to transform these principles into measurable results. Together, we define user-centric metrics of engagement, and invent incentives that inspire users to participate. We create new products and business models, anchored in a solid data strategy. One way I engage with my clients is in a workshop setting, where we boil a specific problem down to its fundamentals — and solve it.

I work with carefully selected entrepreneurs as advisor or board member. In an economy where a single decision can make the difference between success and failure, my expertise and my contacts have helped more than a dozen startups to thrive.

speaking   I regularly speak at conferences and corporate events. Recent international keynotes are Why the Social Data Revolution Changes (Almost) Everything (Mexico City), The 4 Myths of E-Commerce (Barcelona), and A River of Data — What Every Company Can Learn from Amazon.com (London). Further events in 2009/10 include events where I appear alongside notables such as Dan Ariely, Phil Kotler, and Bill Clinton.

In my spare time, I enjoy sharing my insights and gaining new ones in my regular courses at Stanford (Data Mining and Electronic Business), UC Berkeley (Marketing 2.x), and Tsinghua/INSEAD (The Digital Networked Economy).

My work with students and clients provides me with a precious flow of new ideas constantly enhancing my 15 years of experience.
In SF, teaching The Social Data Revolution at Stanford. Phone: +1 650 906-5906. Email:

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